U.S. to consider second round of Russia

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White House

The Washington Post (WP) reported on the 24th (local time) that the U.S. government is seeking to dramatically increase sanctions against Russia as the number of casualties in Ukraine increases rapidly.

According to a number of anonymous sources, the U.S. government is considering a second round of sanctions that sanction third parties dealing with Russian sanctions. However, according to the report, it has not yet been decided whether to take such measures, adding that it is unlikely to be taken quickly.

Earlier, the U.S. government has already legally been able to impose secondary sanctions on third parties, but has not applied them.

This is because if the measure is implemented, many countries dealing with Russia, including China, India, and Middle Eastern countries, could be subject to sanctions.

Dan Katz, a high-ranking official from the U.S. Treasury Department, said, "The effect of the second round of sanctions is very strong. It is a modernization of the past maritime embargo as a measure taken to build economic barriers."

Meanwhile, the U.S. government, along with the European Union, imposed additional financial sanctions on all 400 Russian lawmakers and defense industries.

Since then, the Russian ruble has fallen by almost half, and prices have risen by 2% every week as many companies withdraw, with some estimating that the Russian economy will grow by 15% this year.

Jeff Short, a senior researcher at the International Economic Research Institute, said, "There are financial sanctions, but oil and gas are a big hole," adding, "Thanks to this, billions of dollars flow to Russia every week, becoming a source of funding for the Russian government and the military."

It is not clear what effect the second round of sanctions will actually have as a bypass means of hitting.

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